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By 1830 Lyell's famous textbook, Principles of Geology, came out. Such was the age of the great creationist geologists!The principle of faunal succession in the geologic record was established by direct observation as early as 1799 by William Smith.Rest assured, like everything else about grief, there are no rules.Whatever you decide — and I mean bed, I felt more disconcerted than reassured by the presence of Joe’s unused clothes hanging in the closet just steps away.After the loss of a special someone, the painful task of sifting through and parting with that someone’s special somethings lies in wait. And hold on to only those items that provide “joy” and, with a parting “thank you,” get rid of the rest), is a tough sell for the bereaved. What to do with the no longer needed wallet, passport, bedside alarm clock?It's just one of the tricks that have been used to make the work a little more precise. I believe he has confused the use of index fossils with evolution.One creationist editor, who is more mellow than his unfortunate statement suggests, phrased the argument thus: Unfortunately the geologists date the rocks as the paleontologists tell them to. That passage might have come out of one of Henry Morris' books, except that Morris usually avoids crude slander. Hovind is not aware of the fact that by 1815 the broad outlines of the geologic column from Paleozoic times onward had been worked out by people who were mostly geologists.

At some point, you begin to wonder if keeping all those objects around you is serving a purpose or prolonging the sentence of getting rid of his or her possessions?For a while, every item left behind by the departed stirs a raw mix of bittersweet memory and anguished longing. Perhaps for a time you feel reassured when you enter his closet, the presence of his shirts offering a sense of security that — somehow — he is still there.Or when you open a bureau drawer and come upon the sweater you gave her for her birthday, you feel a small lift as you remember the night she first wore it.Then, I opened Joe’s closet successively to my younger brother, two of my nephews and two male friends, all of whom were roughly Joe’s height and weight.Please, I encouraged them, take whatever might be of use to you. I just wanted to know that the items would be put to good use and would be removed from my line of vision.

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